While Huawei is trying to dominate the smartphones market by releasing the most advanced and innovative devices, Xiaomi seems to point on a different strategy: unlike the newly-announced Huawei P30 Pro, its latest top-end device Xiaomi Mi 9 is still an affordable flagship and it is also one of the most affordable phones equipped with the Snapdragon 855 chipset. That is the reason why it is perfect to compare it to the vanilla Huawei P30 and to the affordable variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series: the Galaxy S10e. If you want to get a new powerful device, here we will try to let you understand which affordable flagship you should choose this year.

Published on: 3/27/19, 6:02 PM

Do you also struggle with low storage problems in the smartphone? In such a way, today we have brought some such panacea prescriptions for you, which will be very useful to you. Smartphones are becoming people's lifeline, that's because the user does not like to remove the phone from themselves for a moment. In such a situation, if low-level notifications are received, then the mood will get worse.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:32 PM

If you also look at a funny video on Facebook and you are thinking of downloading that video in your mind. But if you do not know how to download the video then now it is not necessary to be discouraged, today we are going to give you important information in this regard through our articles.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:28 PM

Facebook's Instant Messaging App is a very popular app. Whatsapp keeps providing new features for the convenience of its users. In the past few months, the company has added several features to WhatsApp. Many times such a situation arises that we have to hide our profile picture from one of the contacts and we can not even block it.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:26 PM

Facebook's Instant Messaging App is a very popular app. Whatsapp is the easiest and best way to stay in touch with each other. But sometimes you will find the question that the message can be scheduled in the Wish app. Birthday Wish, New Year Wish, etc. There are many special occasions when you feel the need to schedule a message on WhatsApp. In such a situation, you might also think that how good it would be if WhatsApp had such an option.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:22 PM

If you also access more than one Gmail ID, then the information that we tell you today will be of great help to you. There is a feature of Gmail that you probably know about. With this special feature in Gmail, you can get an email from your Gmail account automatically on the second Gmail ID. In such a situation, you will not even need to access the second email ID. So let us give you information about this topic through your article.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:21 PM

If you also want to enjoy the convenience of call recording in your smartphone, then today's our article is specially for you. But you do not understand what to do to call a call in the phone, so today we will give information about this topic in our article about how you can easily record calls in Android and iPhone. It is worth noting that it is unethical and illegal to record calls without the permission of another person. In this case, you must give information about the call recording to the other person. Let us now provide detailed information about some important steps.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:20 PM

Facebook's Instant Messaging App is a very popular app. What we do is use whitsapp calling but sometimes the situation is such that we are taking someone's interview and thus feel the need to record the call. We did a lot of research for how calls on WhatsApp can be recorded, but there is no easy way to record calls on WhatsApp. Today, we will provide you with information about how you can record WhatsApp calls on your Android and iPhone.

Published on: 3/8/19, 12:19 PM

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Online earning is become a valuable industry and it boost after every day now in market a lot of websites provide online earn opportunities but there also a lot of websites do fraud with there users on the name of online earn.

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